Server Configuration
PHP Version:!
PHP version should be 5.x or higher
cURL Library: Found GOOD!
if cURL library not installed allow_url_fopen should be on
allow_url_fopen: On GOOD!
required if cURL is not installed
GD Library: Found GOOD!
required for image watermarking
Installation Wizard
Database Host
Insert your MySQL Database Host. Usually its localhost or mysql.xxxx.ext
Database User
Insert your database username
Database Password
Insert your database password
Database Name
Insert your database name
Table Prefix:
If you don't know whats this then keep it as is.
Site Setup
Site Title
The name of your site
Site Logo URL(keep blank if you don't have)
The full URL to your logo. You can always change this later.
Site URL
The full URL to your site without any slash(/) at end.
Admin Pass:
Insert your admin pass